el 4 de octubre en Madrid

el 4 de octubre en Madrid
La máquina de proyectar sueños

jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

CeciSz en el blog de The Guardian

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World literature tour: Chile

Continuing our sojourn in South America, we're looking for writing that illuminates the Chilean experience. Where should we look?
Seeking an overview … the Chilean capital Santiago. Photograph: Ivan Alvarado/Reuters
We return from our Argentine adventure with a stack of recommendations – from yago, hymning Leopoldo Marechal's mythical transformation of the Argentinian capital in Adán Buenosayres, to gregory pekerman, hailing Cecilia Szperling's Natural Selection as a "genuinely shocking" portrait of "wild young thrill-seekers – both men and women – as they wander through the subterranean nightlife of Buenos Aires".

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