el 4 de octubre en Madrid

el 4 de octubre en Madrid
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sábado, 24 de octubre de 2009

delicias del autogoogleo

Encontré sobre la novela en inglés esto   The Latin American review of books  y esto
NEW INTERNATIONALITS . Y esto sobre mi participación en la librería Foyles de Londres
October 2009 • Issue NATURAL SELECTION

By Cecilia Szperling. Translated from the Spanish byOscar Luna.

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Aflame Books ISBN 9781906300081
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Natural Selection
The central characters in Cecilia Szperling’s novel are not easy to warm to. Ernestina, Cosme and Pablo are middle-class Argentineans unable to find their role in a system that is disintegrating, both economically and morally, and turning on itself. They are art school dropouts, spoilt, corrupt and drug-addled; plugging themselves into the trashiest elements of popular culture and imagining their self-indulgence to be an art form, they drift through their days at the margins of society, expecting nothing and contributing nothing.
The book begins with a vicious assault on Ernestina's affluent, conformist sister, Emma, by Cosme and Pablo. This almost-motiveless act of violence resonates through the narrative and sets the tone of random brutality justified as self-expression. The trio embark on a doomed spree of drug-taking and sexual adventure through the seamy underbelly of Argentina and Uruguay, a journey that brings them into contact with similarly lost souls and damaged personalities, including a heroin-addicted psychiatrist and a psychopathic anaesthetist.
Drawing on Freudian dream theory and the principles of Darwinian selection, Szperling's short, punchy novel paints a vivid pen-portrait of the savage and amoral nature of this stratum of Argentinean society. Although at times lacking in focus and overly fond of clunky symbolism, the book is a dramatic demonstration of what ensues when a population is cut adrift from its certainties and attempts to fill a cultural void with synthetic pleasures, with inevitable bleak and chilling consequences.

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Madame Lulu dijo...

justo hace un rato maileaba con Una sobre la importancia de google, ni hablar de la necesidad de que google nos diga quiénes somos. Némesis podría castigarnos y condenarnos a quedar frente a la pantalla leyéndonos.

cecisz dijo...

el autogoogle es peligrosísimo!! en pequeñas dosis, artículos de primera necesidad!!!

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qué groso estar en la Latin Am Review of Books! felicitaciones!